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What Is Laser Psoriasis Treatment?

If you've been diagnosed with psoriasis, you will likely have red, flaky, light-colored, or elevated patches on the skin's surface that are inflamed, scaly, itchy, and can even crust over. This long-term skin problem can arise when skin cells proliferate too fast. Psoriasis spots typically range in diameter and form near the elbows, hands, feet, back of the knees, scalp, and lower back. At JB Skin & Laser, we regularly address plaque psoriasis and other skin concerns through treatments with the Harmony® XL PRO laser from Alma. Emitting specific light-based energy, our laser system can address these skin lesions to help lessen psoriasis symptoms, including irritation and scaliness. To find out whether Harmony XL PRO laser psoriasis treatment is an option to address your condition and reduce your symptoms, contact our location in Barstow, CA right away.

Laser Psoriasis Treatment FAQ

What causes psoriasis?

A psoriasis condition is believed to arise when the body's immune system inadvertently targets normal cells. For most women and men, this might not be a frequent problem. However, when the body begins fighting sickness or infection, the immune system's heightened activity might cause psoriasis.

What does psoriasis look like?

Pinkish or reddish spots of elevated, thickened, scaly skin tissue typically indicate psoriasis. These impacted areas are frequently located on the elbows, knees, and scalp; however, they might develop almost anywhere on a person's skin. Contact our Barstow, CA location today to have your issues evaluated.

What happens when psoriasis isn't treated?

Although minor cases of psoriasis may not have lasting adverse effects, moderate to advanced cases of the condition may transition into psoriatic arthritis in the absence of care. When treatment is not sought, this form of arthritis might cause chronic pain, limited mobility, and joint deformities.

How does laser treatment for psoriasis work?

Treatment with the Harmony XL PRO laser at JB Skin & Laser works through targeted energy to help control psoriasis by slowing the growth of cells. These laser sessions only take a few minutes to complete and generally produce a mild heat and snapping sensation. Individuals might need several visits to improve a psoriasis issue.

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